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To fulfill the food production cost management and food safety and traceability needs of growers, harvesters and shippers. Nubetrak LLC offers a fully integrated Agricultural Enterprise Resource Planning System. Nubetrak is the only system on the market today that offers you continual process and afficiency improvement in a fully integrated system that manages the full cycle of your planning, growing, harvesting and shipping. The patented NubeTrak system pays for itself with cost savings within 12 months.

Within a private network, your NubeTrak system runs on our high-security data center in Santa Cruz, California. In-field data collection is donevia off-the-shelf, ruggedized hand-held units that stand up to whatever your operation can throw at them in the field. Back-office operations are executed via secure channel from a standar web browser. Proper use of NubeTrak LLC's system effectively prevents food contamination by forcing contamination-prevention activities. Possible exposure to costly and unrelated food recalls is avoided.

The NubeTrak reduces every day field administration costs through the automation of the field administration activities.

NubeTrak LLC Provides you with complete continuous and seamless information from pre-planting, growing, harvesting, packaging, distribution, planning, to forecasting. As it si a cyclic system, it provides continual process and efficiency improvement. No other systemon the market today offers this fully-integrated, full-cycle capability.

The NubeTrak system is comprised of discreet, functional modules that are design to be procured either as an entire system, or as an individual modules in a "building block"approach to implementation of the system, depending upon your operation's needs. These modules are described in more detailes as follows:

"You can manage what you can measure"

With our One Scan capability, quickly and easily gather data that can be used for:

  • Order fulfillment 

  • Forecasting

  • Regulatory compliance-Food Safety based on GAP guidelines, Deparment of labor, LGMA (Strawberry Commission), PTI Traceability.

NubeTrak - "Where data rains"

Data collection is performed out on the field or in the warehouse with rugged, tamper-proof handheald devices and industry-standard GTIN barcodes.


Data is transmitted via 1048 bit encryption (256 bytes). When out on the field, data is stored locally on the handheald device. Once a wireless connection is resumed, data is automatically transmitted to the cloud. 

Dual Verification

All critical activities are recorded and date/time stamped with geolocation coordinates. And users must complete required steps or be in a particular location before the next process starts, minimizing human error.


Monitor inventoryin real-time even when off-site through the NubeTrak we application on your smartphone or computer. 


Forecasting is a quick and easy endeavor with all your *Numbers* at your fingertips in one central location. Create multiple forecasts on the NubeTrak web application. 

Post-Season analysis

What was the total yield for a given location? how many boxes of produce can a worker harvest in an hour? how long does it take for a box of produce to travel from field to cooler? with NubeTrak, all that data is ready to be analyzed and user to improve efficiency and lower costs.


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