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NubeTrak LLC. is a state of the art technology company that offers true traceability and work force optimization solution for the produce and food industries. Farmers, grower/shippers, packing companies, warehousing and distributors and resellers dicisions will all benefit from the use of our product. California's extensive agriculture network is the primary target in the U.S., additionally South American countries, such as Colombia, Chile, Argentine, Peru and Mexico are an additional market for the technology.

NubeTrak's offices are located at 425 W. Beach St. Watsonville, CA.


NubeTrak provides a real-time data collection, analysis and reporting system that requires minimal IT support from management. It offers mobile user capability, and remote accessibility, using the power of the internet and state-of-art wireless communications to provide real-time information.


All agriculture records are saved and retrieved from one system's single location. NubeTrak systematically provides a standart platform for all parties, whether they are growers, handlers or harvesters.


NubeTrak Inc., is currently working with many customers in U.S. and South America in produce warehouses, distribution centers, and government regulatory agencies to customize product traceability and management solution to ensure compliance.

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NubeTrak LLC
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